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Content Creators Program

Create content and share it with your audience to earn crypto and start monetizing your content.

Turn Your Creativity in Coins

Xenon Labs is looking for talented content creators like you to generate high quality content. Creators can choose the type of content they want to create and get rewarded accordingly.

Top content creators also get a chance to win BTC every month. Creators can have a look at benefits they can get to create content with Xenon Labs

Great Rewards for Content Creators

Every month, Xenon Labs will offer a different topic to select from for creators. Creators may select the topics they want to address and submit their content to Xenon Labs. Each content piece that is selected by Xenon Labs will receive Bitcoin rewards.

A creator can receive free Bitcoin rewards for up to three pieces of content per month on selection basis but the creators can earn fixed rewards for social post as many times as they want.

How Does It Work?


Select your topicsCheck out the list of topics for the current month and make sure to focus on those that you're excited about. Make sure to check out the rules and requirements of your favourite topics before creation.


Create your contentYou can create content in any format, including video, article, infographic, image, and podcast, if you wish. If you have any other great ideas, let us know. You can also let us know if you have any other interesting initiatives.


Publish and share your contentPublish your content on social media channels with the hashtag #createwithxenonlabs


Submit your contentAfter you have completed Step 3, submit your work by filling in the submission form on the website with all the details. Make sure to submit your work before the last day of each month. If you do not, you won't be eligible for the reward.


Get your RewardsXenon Labs will assess the quality and influence of your content based on its performance, and the winners will be contacted by the 10th of the following month. Rewards will be allocated on the 15th of the month.

Additional Bonuses for Creators

Additional Bonuses for Creators

Every month, Xenon Labs will select a top creator for each language. In addition to the regular Bitcoin bonus, the top creator will receive an additional Bitcoin bonus.

Featured Recommendations

Creator who create excellent content will be featured on Xenon Labs official social channels.

Xenon Labs Certified

Excellent content creators may become certified creators and work as long-term contributors to Xenon Labs' news and blogs.

Any questions?
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Anyone who is enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and content creation may join the program and receive free Bitcoin as a reward.

Yes, you may. Our Content Creators Program is separate from the referral and affiliate programmes. However, you may not participate in this programme using your previous work from other programmes.

Quality, creativity, and impact are all factors that will be taken into consideration when evaluating your work.

On the 15th of the month following the event, you will receive your Bitcoin rewards.

Xenon Labs has created the entire process in a very simplified manner and in a way that it would only take 3 steps to deploy any Web 3.0 Product and that too in just 3 minutes 

Additional ways to earn with Xenon Labs

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Every creator is eligible to receive free Bitcoin for up to 3 submitted pieces of content in different languages. Deadlines: Each month, content must be submitted by the last day in order to be eligible for the rewards. Content Evaluation: Kucoin has the right to interpret the evaluation standards. All content is subject to possible updates, modifications, revisions, and reposts at any time. Participants agree to transfer the copyrights of their works to Kucoin when submitting content for this program. Participants agree to transfer the copyrights of their works to Kucoin when submitting content for this program.


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