Nov 2017
Start of Boundless Digital Solutions

Our technical journey started in 2017 as a brand that provides a one stop solution for all the technical & marketing needs of a brand.

Dec 2021
Rebranded as Xenon Group

After the start in 2017, BDS diversified into many fields of businesses and hence to keep the group branding similar, BDS was rebranded as Xenon Group with sister companies such as Xenon Technologies, Xenon Media, Xenon Finances & Xenon Capital.

Jan 2022
Rollout of Launchpad

This is the very beginning of the NFT Launchpad. During this phase, we have opened the platform for everyone to launch their NFT collections with up to 10,000 NFT on Ethereum, Solana and Polygon Blockchain upon approval of the project.

Feb 2022
Launch of Utility Services for the Projects

We will start providing additional services for the NFT project which will help them in their growth. Services such as Staking, Breeding, Multilevel Whitelist Minting, Discord Community & Bot Setup, Front-end web development & much more

March 2022
Launch of Helium NFT Platform & Tool
We will launch our 2nd Tool out of many more to come. Helium is an All in one NFT Tool to solve all your Project related problems such as Whitelist Management, Sales Bot, Giveaway for DAOs and much more
April 2022
Partnering with the brands

During this phase, we will be partnering with many of the major brands across the world and will help them launch their projects in the market. This will be an ongoing process so does not have an end date.

May 2022
Start Support for More Blockchains

We would be developing additional infrastructure to support a variety of blockchains including Polygon, Binance,  Cardano and much more. 

Dec 2022
Launch of Xenon Coin & NFT Payment Systems

We will be creating a transaction system that remains independent of the dominated credit systems and holders can use them to launch their own NFT collection or buy whitelist tokens from our whitelist marketplace. The coin will be launched on several major exchanges and swaps to be traded there.

Jan 2023
Launch of Elements Pass NFT

We would be Launching our own NFT collection  on Ethereum & Solana for all the Xenon Group supporters out there so that even they can be part of a magnificent future ahead and can own a pie.

Feb 2023
Launch of Element Pass NFT Staking

Soon after the mint, we will start the staking for NFTs where in holders can stake the NFTs and get rewards. They can use these rewards to launch the NFT collection, Get whitelist tokens for the project that launch on the launchpad, use them in auction to get the premium NFTs at 70% of the market value and much more

Mar 2023
Expanding the Horizon

We would be raising external funds from private investors and would use it for Buybacks, Staking Rewards, Liquidity Pools, New Hirings and much more

Apr 2023
Launch of Multichain NFT Exchange

With the help and support of our community, investors & friends, we would be launching our very own Multichain NFT Exchange with support for Ethereum, Binance, Polygon & Solana to start with and then expand it later. Trading on the platform will be supported by the cosmic credit system alongside all the other methods.

May 2023
Launch of Xenon Capital DAO

We believe in giving back to the ecosystem that has helped in our growth. We would be launching a dedicated project for this as a hedge fund allocated specifically for investing and partnering with exiting and upcoming companies in the field of blockchain technology, Blue-chip NFT Projects, Cryptocurrencies. All the labs holder will get the whitelist access to the project.