With SuperMint API unleash the potential of Web 3.0

Add any payment gateway or any Crypto wallet to allow mint


Mint on any platform you like, our API is compatible anywhere and everywhere


Making Web 3.0 Easy and Accessible for Everyone

Connect Payment Gateway

With our supermint API, you can connect any payment gateway worldwide and start your minting process with fiat.

Enable Minting Anywhere

We have created the API in a Plug and Play way where you can mint an NFT anywhere and on any platform.

Cross Chain Functionalities

Supermint API provides functionality where users can pay with any of the mainstream cryptocurrencies

No Intermediate Wallet

Once your mint is done, the NFT will be sent directly to your wallet address and not to any intermediate wallets

Enable Multiple Blockchain

You can now start minting your NFTs on multiple blockchains as suitable for you using Xenon Credits.

Mint within seconds

Supermint API allows minting directly on your platform and lets users mint an NFT in seconds

Easy Integrations

Integrate Supermint API seamlessly with any of your products or platform and start your Web3 Journey

Developer Support

Our team is always happy to help developers with all the support that they need to create a product.

One API — Endless Opportunities

Create your own products on top of Supermint API

Start your web 3.0 journey with our simple plug and play API that let's you create web 3.0 products quickly and without any hassle. You have the freedom to develop whatever you want on top of Supermint API with our multiple endpoints.

Not only that but you also have an option to build it on multiple blockchains as per your convenience.


Introducing NFT Payment Gateway Capabilities

Supermint API provides you all the things necessary to create a smooth and seamless experience to be drafted as a dedicated NFT Payment Gateway or a Minting Gateway.

With the API, you can collect multiple crypto currencies or Fiat Currencies using your regular payment gateway and start minting irrespective of the blockchain.

Pay using Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Wallets and much more

With Supermint API you can bridge the gap between traditional payments methods and the modern crypto payment methods.

You can make a crypto payments using fiat transactions and gateways and make fiat transaction using crypto where the Supermint API acts as a transaction approver. With this you can compliment the world of Web 2.0 with Web 3.0

Physical to Phygital in seconds

Duplicity is a very major problem that all of the major brands are facing when it comes to their products in the market.

With Supermint API, the brands can now send an NFT of the product directly into the users wallet as a proof of authencity at the time of the initial sale.

All they have to do is plug it into the existing system and no need for any additional infrastructure

Transform Your Tickets Into Smart Tickets

Integrate your existing events and ticketing platform seamlessly with Supermint API and transform it into a Web 3.0 platform.

Our seamless API allows your to create a NFT based ticketing platform where users can get Usage or time-based tickets for any event where a single use but tradable token is issued at the time of purchase which can then be exchanged for the physical tickets.

Launching Web 3.0 Everywhere

With Supermint API, you can now convert any of the Web 2.0 platforms into Web 3.0 where the images and videos of the users can be minted and stored directly on the blockchain and users get the ownership of their data.

With supermint you can create a next generation of social media platform with NFTs and Supermint at the center of it thereby making it easy and accessible for the developers.

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  • All Test Net and Main net chains Included*
  • Unlimited Free Requests
  • Pay as you go minting credits for main net chains
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As of now, we are just giving Supermint API individually and independently as pure and raw product for our developers community but we are planning to come up with a final products that end users can click and install.

Yes, with the easy integrations available on Supermint API you can connect your fiat payment gateway such as stripe, Paypal, razorpay, PayU or you can connect crypto gateways to enable 100s of crypto payment options irrespective of the chain of mint.

When a sends a query for a new mint or to perform an action, that will be counted as a ‘Request’ where as ‘Mint Credits’ are basically your account balance to compensate for the gas fees and to process the transaction on the main net.

Each developer will have to generate an access token for themselves in order to start using full functionalities of the system. You can generate the token from here.

Supermint API supports all the test networks and main network framework for Ethereum, Polygon and Solana

You can connect with us directly on the live chat or join or discord server and create a new ticket.

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