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Learn more about one of the finest web 3.0 affiliate programs. You can earn up to a 30% commission on fees by inviting your friends to create projects on Xenon Labs. Furthermore, you will earn second-tier commissions when your friends become Xenon Labs affiliates.

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How to Earn Commissions?


Apply to become an affiliateYou can become a Xenon Labs affiliate if you have a community, media, or other resources.


Promote Xenon LabsShare your referral link to your community, followers, or other channels.


Claim commissionYou will earn commissions by referring new users to trade through your referral link.

Frequently Answered Questions

The Xenon Labs Associate Program is searching for individuals who share the same goals and values. You may create a special referral link that binds any customer you bring to your account. You may earn commission fees from all users you bring, as long as they use your referral link.

Xenon Labs is looking for YouTube vloggers, crypto community leaders, writers, and other content creators who are willing to promote Xenon Labs on their respective platforms (social media accounts with over 5,000 followers or communities with over 500 members). Crypto market websites, crypto tool websites, industry media websites, and other crypto websites. In addition, marketing websites, institutions, and organizations can also be a part of the program

When you become a Xenon Labs affiliate, you can use your referral link to invite friends to create their Web 3.0 products on Xenon Labs and earn up to 30% of fees charged by Xenon Labs as a commission.

The rewards will be upto 30% of the fees and can be in the form of USDC, BTC, ETH, Xenon Coin (XCN).

Additional ways to earn with Xenon Labs

Partner Program

Partner with us and create your product on top of our existing products and use our system to cater to your clients and solve their problems and generate revenue for yourself and your company without having any technical worries

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